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Hi, everyone.

I've been really busy, and surely you've noted my posts have dropped off. I started posting articles on Twitter instead of here, because it was easier, and now it's even better over at Google+... so, in case you haven't already, and are interested, you can follow me there:


This should link to my profile.

I'm not abandoning LJ entirely, but I'm too busy with classes for deep introspection, and for some reason, that's what I associate with this journal now.



Greek translation

My brother sent me five lines of Greek today and asked me to translate them for him. Apparently, two of his coworkers have been going around about the translation of these verses, and since I know Classical Greek, he thought he'd get my opinion. The text he sent is scanned below the cut.

he said it's from the book of John, apparently Chapter 1, verses 1-5Collapse )

It's been a long time since I've translated anything seriously, and I'm hardly a Biblical Greek/Koine expert, but I proposed the following preliminary and then "final" translations. Classical scholars, please feel free to comment on my choices.

it's somewhat lengthyCollapse )

Yes, I made some choices that were deliberately different than what others have done (at least as much as I know them... I don't think I've ever read John frankly; I don't think I made it that far). I just don't understand what "In the beginning was the Word"... what does that mean anyway? It could probably be tightened up a bit, but it seems serviceable to me.

EDIT: more discussion of the definite/indefinite articleCollapse )


thanksgiving menu

Earlier, I posted a general list of my menu plans for Thanksgiving. Now that everything is over and I know how things tasted, I'm gonna post the complete directions for all of them. A couple people have asked for this, actually, so now it will all be in one place. I'm gonna list these in the order I actually cooked them.

complete thanksgiving menu/recipes from this yearCollapse )

layered pumpkin cheesecakeCollapse )

corn bread with cinnamon honey glazeCollapse )

stuffing: pears and pine nutsCollapse )

stuffing: sausage and cashewsCollapse )

stuffing: apples and raisinsCollapse )

cornish hensCollapse )

sweet potato friesCollapse )

Last but not least, we also served Cranberry wine (semi-sweet) from Wisconsin (Three Lakes Winery), and a small salad with baby greens and tomato, and sweet vidalia onion dressing.

We have leftover cornbread, pie and stuffing.

One thing is for certain, I'm NEVER doing all that work by myself again!!