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the verbal abuse I think but have trained myself not to speak

and other witicisms

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It's not capitulation; it's acceptance.

When I was growing up, I had one and only one primary goal: to get a Ph.D. in astronomy. I lost my way for a while, but I've returned again to what I can only describe as the only way I could ever be happy. Maybe there is something wrong with me for being so single-focused for so long; maybe I've sacrificed too much. But, I'm finally heading in the right direction again.

The secondary goal, and my primary hobby lately, is to write my novels, and hopefully, one day, to get published... somewhere in between school and three jobs, and my endlessly wandering brain.

Always looking forward (and trying hard not to look back).

Welcome to my blog.
Some of my other blogs: Writing Journal allyriane, Atheist in a (Metaphorical) Foxhole inafoxhole.

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Note: Unfortunately, since I teach, I have to be a little careful about what goes into the public journal, particularly when classes are in session, so many posts end up being 'friends only' during the term. I've already had one student poke around on the Internet and try to use that information against me when she didn't get the grade she wanted. I apologize for this necessity. But since I already have been kicked out of graduate programs for less, I have to be little careful if I want to keep my job. Try back between terms, when I have both more time, and less reason to be careful.

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